Our research and research-driven tools gather information directly from your company and team.  This information is then used to generate industry specific data on what you and your employees require for long and short-term commitments.  The result of information straight from your workforce allows you to make data driven decisions to recruit and – successfully – retain a valuable and loyal workforce.

Tools available to you:

  • Industry specific questionnaires online
  • Real-time assessments for employees
  • Data analysis
  • Follow-up assessments to monitor progress
  • Energy leadership analysis

Our professional and certified coaching is available for both the employee and/or employer.  The coaching given to either of these groups follows a curriculum specifically written for your company based on the findings identified from the data acquired from research we will do directly with your company or from industries/businesses very similar to yours.  Scalable and pre-developed curriculums for a wide variety of cohorts, generational groups and employee types are available (no research needed) via our GentraWomen and GentraDiversity platforms.

Our programs to consider:

  • One-on-one coaching (professional and/or personal)

  • Team coaching

  • Seminars

  • Video conferencing webinars

Our programs, training and coaching developed specifically for women, help them to identify and achieve their professional and/or personal goals.  Our  programs and curriculum are built for teams of women within an organization, individual women going through life transitions/changes and women transitioning into leadership roles within their organization.

We’re with you during:

  • Leadership transitions

  • Transition within the workforce

  • Corporate workforce development and retention

The training and coaching within our diversity program help your workforce adopt and tie together different generations working together; different genders working alongside and/or above/below each other; and assist in promoting the positive benefits and inclusion of different races, religion, sexual orientation and more.

Our programs are built to:

  • Assess employee attitudes on diversity

  • Engage your workforce in conversations about generational differences

  • Provide a safe environment to discuss workforce issues that arise around diversity

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