Determining the Workforce Needs of Our “Future Builders of America”

Determining the workplace needs for our future “Builders of America”

“Hello, my name is Kirsten and I am the owner of GentraResearch, a company whose sole purpose is to do generational transition research for employers and employees in the  construction industry. It is widely known that generational workplace differences occur between the babyboomers, GenX and millennial populations, and more recently the up and coming “post-millennials”, and that these differences can have both positive and not so positive effects at the workplace. However, to-date most of this research has been conducted on populations that do not necessarily represent those who choose to work in the construction industry. What this means is employers are making hiring and or management decisions based on data that may not represent those they hope to employ. Through the use of industry specific assessments your company will gain the valuable information about the needs of your specific workforce and help you not only retain these employees but also inform future recruits of your companies dedication to working “with” them in order to enhance not only their job satisfaction but the success of your company as well.

The data collected from your employees will be analyzed by GentraResearch and provided to your company along with access to professional generational coaching services and continued assessment options so that you can keep tabs on how you are doing in relation to meeting the needs of your employees.

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